Top 2015 Attractive Packaging Designs

Top 2015 Attractive Packaging Designs

Here are 5 of our favorite packaging designs from 2015, selected based on their beautifully delicious designs.

1. Beck’s Scratchbottle Limited Edition

Bring your artistic side out! With Beck’s Limited Edition Scratchbottle, you can scratch whatever you want into the aluminum wrap.

This playful and interactive packaging turns the bottle into an aluminum canvas.

Whoever loses the game of tick-tack-toe or makes the worst drawing pays the next round?!

2. Milk Bottle Concept

This milk bottle concept has an incredibly attractive design due to the simplicity of the bottle shape that makes us remember the original glass milk bottles, and to the cleanliness of the design.

Furthermore, the lid is striking and eye-catching; the lid’s shape of splashing milk just makes us want to get to the beverage’s tastiness that is inside this bottle.
3. Japanese Sake KOI Design

Koi’s sake bottles have a striking design and packaging by combining two of the most well-known images of Japan: Sake and Koi in one bottle. The white porcelain bottle is designed in the shape of a Koi fish and at its surface the designers applied a Koi pattern. The package is complete with an outer box, which has a Koi-shaped window to make the display even more appealing.

The Koi is a vividly patterned ornamental fish, with beautiful markings on the body that represents Japan. Also they are known as a “living jewel”.

The strong allusion to one of Japan’s cultural pillar goes in harmony with another cultural trait displayed: Japan’s national beverage Sake, which is a rice wine often served with special ceremony.

4. Cau Tre Oolong tea

Cau Tre brands had the great idea to redesign their Oolong tea box packaging to reflect an updated brand steeped in the Tea heritage.

By starting with the question of “What is the most fundamental part of tea?”, their packaging goes back to the source of the tea – the leaf and plantation. The completely different format of the box (compared to traditional ones) inspired by a tea leaf shape is outstanding and demonstrates the brands passion and knowledge in tea.

5. Mochiice

Mochiice is a Japanese dessert ice-cream which has started to get established in Sweden. Three design students, Natasha Frolova, Jessica Sjöstetd, and Louise Olofsson created a concept with a take-away package for Mochiice, which comes in trendy colors to give the sweet treat a new identity for the Swedish market.