Top 2015 Innovative Packaging Designs

Top 2015 Innovative Packaging Designs

Here are 5 of our favorite packaging designs from 2015, selected based on their innovative designs.


1. Neato Burrito

This burrito packaging concept brought by the American Clemson University innovates the packaging for easy, on-the-go consumption.

Neato Burrito innovates the inconvenient traditional aluminum foil by incorporating inside the accordion-style packaging a sheet of aluminum. Thus the inside sheet of foil plus the paper packaging make this innovation a perfect hermetic container for your on-the-go burrito.

Furthermore, the more you eat from your burrito, the more you can collapse the packaging, thus revealing more deliciousness ahead.

And if you want your burrito in one go, just tear the side off and take it out of its packaging.

Your burrito experience just got more convenient and mess-free.


2. Butter Plus

The packaging project Butter Plus is a more convenient way to start your day.

The idea was to create a new handy butter packaging. The Corporate Design is simple and restrained but what makes it innovative is the functionality and its unique shape: by using two injection molded pieces you can easily open, reopen, swing around, and close the butter.

3. Paper John

Creative thinking can make a difference in our everyday life.

When going grocery-shopping by bike, we have all wondered about how we are going to carry our groceries back home?

Ogata, the maker of PaperJohn, decided to solve this issue by creating an eco-friendly paper bag, which through its innovative handles can be used as a backpack. The user is not restraint in any other way while carrying the goods. The paper used to make the bags is also more resistant and made to carry heavy loads.

Not only does it solve the transportation problem that arises while shopping on a bike, but it also offers a maximum of freedom while carrying goods.

Why a backpack? Ogata realized that the most comfortable and convenient way to carry weight is on ones back, regardless of whether they are going by foot or by bike.

Read more on our blog post.

4. Cup – Bottle For Mulled Wine

Is it a set of cups or is it a bottle? The mystery behind this packaging has us intrigued. This Russian packaging concept for Mulled Wine consists of 3 cups stacked on each other, plus a bottleneck, thus creating a bottle with 3 convenient handles. This makes it perfect for its purpose of containing hot mulled wine, a traditional warm beverage drunk in the winter.

It will be now easier to carry a bottle of mulled wine outside and share the drink between 3 friends without burning your fingers holding the cup.

5. Wash Powder – Tear Off A Scoop

Having trouble controlling the amount of washing powder to use when doing your laundry? Let the packaging itself help you out! This innovative washing powder conveniently contains a scoop to help you get just the right amount of powder out of the bag: tear the bag along the dotted line and use the torn part as a scoop.


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