TOPFLOW – the next generation technology for Bag-in-Box wines

TOPFLOW - the next generation technology for Bag-in-Box wines

Bag-in-box wines just got so much better! No longer do you have to hold the bag-in-box in mid air pouring your glass of wine. No longer do you need to have it at the side of table or on a stand. No longer do you have to take the bag out of the box to get that last bit of wine out. TOPFLOW is a new patented technology, which enables the wine to be poured from the top. The wine simply flows from the top!

A bottom plate inside the box is attached to a spring wire that pushes the wine toward the faucet at the top. The plate is easily inserted into any ordinary bag-in-box wine during the packaging process. The producer of wine would still be able to buy the inner bag and box from their current supplier. TOPFLOW is a new standard for bag-in-box wine and allows for excellent economies of scale for the mass market.

With a market of around 40 million boxes sold per year and a total global market of around 800 million, Sweden is a big buyer for bag-in-box and it will be the market of TOPFLOWs launch. Other companies from Asia and the Americas have shown interest but the next direct markets we will enter after Sweden are Germany and UK early next year.

“We wanted an accessible way of tapping wine, without having to take the bag out of the box to get the last bit of wine out. TOPFLOW is an insert tray which is placed in the bottom of any bag in box. To create the right amount of velocity strength, was one of the main challenge. We are now at 97% of wine will be dispensed out of the box thus also creating a great environmental benefit with using the TOPFLOW technology” – Carlos de la Fe, Inventor, and Chris Magnusson, Director, Swedbrand Ltd.”

Topflow is a patented technology held by Swedbrand Innovations AB, a part of Swedbrand Group.

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Photography: Thomas Mc Callion

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