Vitamin Well Chooses TouchingLight to Launch Its New Flavor!

We are thrilled to announce that Vitamin Well, the famous Swedish sports drink company, chose TouchingLight, a patented technology by Swedbrand Innovations, to boost the launch of its new flavor – Hallon (Raspberry).

TouchingLight is a shelf display that lights up when customers either touch or select a product from the shelf. Even when customers interact with a competing brand on the shelf, the display lights up, catching their attention!

From now on you will be able to find Swedbrand’s patented innovation in stores that sell Vitamin Well across Sweden.

Vitamin Well is a modern, healthier and tasty alternative to sodas and sugary juices, founded back in 2008 in Sweden. The founders were looking for a beverage that was tasty, nutritious enough and contained less sugar than normal drinks, but they couldn’t find any. That’s why they decided to create one.

Today, eight years and several international market introductions later, the success of the vitamin drink is a fact. But it doesn’t end here. Vitamin Well is always striving to make even better, smarter and tastier thirst quenchers.

Since December 2014, Zlatan Ibrahimović, the world famous football player, is the ambassador for the Swedish beverage. Now, he even launched his own vitamin beverage, Vitamin Well Upgrade, with a fresh taste of lemon and cactus.

Watch here the video of TouchingLight in action!

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