Will Edible Water Bubbles Replace Plastic Bottles?

The future is here. Say goodbye to plastic water bottles and glasses. Now you can drink, or eat, your water with just one bite. The Ooho is a bubble-like sphere of water that you can drink or eat exactly like it is.

The water is covered by a seaweed packaging that you could either eat or throw away as it´s compostable. It´s been developed and designed for over two years, but it is now ready to be released and shown to the world.

This new revolutionary product is created by three design students from London who since 2014 have worked to develop a solution for the many water bottles being thrown away every day. If we look at how many bottles are being tossed only in the UK, the numbers speak for themselves: up to 16 million bottles every day. Approximately 19 million are being recycled. In America, the numbers are even lower. However, thanks to this invention they hope to reduce the number significantly.

But what is this sphere made of if it´s both edible and compostable? The technic used is called Spherification and means that you drop a ball of ice into a mixture of calcium chloride and brown algae extract, and then form the sphere membrane that you want. This technic is also used to make the small balls of juice in Bobo tea and fake caviar. The thin layer that is created makes it possible for the ball of ice to melt in room temperature without the risk of any fluid sipping out.

And since this thin layer is made out of ingredients you can eat, it means the entire sphere is edible. It apparently doesn’t taste anything and reminds of Jell-O in consistency, but they say that it is possible to both flavor and color the sphere to make it more appealing to eat.

“When people try it for the first time, they want to eat it because it’s part of the experience,” says Pierre Paslier, cofounder of Skipping Rocks Lab, the startup developing the packaging. “Then it will be just like the peel of a fruit. You’re not expected to eat the peel of your orange or banana. We are trying to follow the example set by nature for packaging.” So preferably you peel the outer layer to get rid of any dirt and then eat and drink the orb as you like.

The company at the moment is focusing on the outdoor events and cafes where they see a lot of potential for their product. Since the packaging can also be made on-site, it is perfect for cafes and eliminates the need for long-distance transportation. “The process that we’re developing allows for them to be made on the spot, just before consumption,” Pierre says.

But this isn´t enough apparently. The company is currently looking at other products that might benefit from being layered of edible materials.

If you want to see how this amazing invention works, just take a look at this video:




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