Zero-Waste Shaving Cream Packaging

The market for the single-use packaging has quickly grown in the last couple of years, and the latest product to join it is the shaving cream.

The San Francisco based company Pacific Shaving Co has now released a shaving cream in single use format. The products are packed in small water-soluble film, and you only need to hold it under warm water and rub it to use it. They should produce just enough foam for a single use and the company itself claims this is the first big innovation regarding shaving creams since the 1970s.




“There has been a great deal of innovation and disruption happening in shaving for razors and blades—but not much for shaving creams and aftershaves. We strive to develop innovative and effective shaving care products for men and women, and Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis fit perfectly with that goal,” says Stan Ades, co-founder of Pacific Shaving Co.

The film packaging is made from 100% food grade ingredients and they come in Forty single-use packets in a stand-up pouch. “Stand-up pouches are also lightweight and reseal able, making them perfect for consumers who are traveling with the product,” Ades says.

Since the packets are compliant with the travel regulations on planes, you can easily pack the hole thing with you in your carry-on. And since they are so small, it won’t take up that much space. “The product falls within Transportation Security Administration’s carry-on liquid and personal care ounce requirements. The entire pouch of 40 shave Minis can be placed in a carry-on bag and pass through TSA”.

The company is also aiming to release their products for home use, since people nowadays are more and more environmentally focused. “The product resonates well with environmentally conscious consumers, as there is no mess and zero waste,” he says. “Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis use a fraction of the raw materials and are a fraction of the weight of traditional shaving cream cans, so the Minis reduce the amount of packaging resources needed and lessen the carbon footprint associated with supply chain distribution.”

As we mentioned before, there hasn’t been a big breakthrough or innovation in shaving cream in a long time, so we expect this new product to change the way people shave and lead the way for single-use packaging to come.

Watch how to use this incredible innovation in the video below!


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