Zpump Fusion : The Shoe That Suits You


Reebok has introduced a new running shoe that could change the way runners achieve a totally customised fit next time they hit the pavement.

The Reebok ZPump Fusion is a first-of-its kind shoe that brings back the brand’s legendary Pump technology from the late ‘80s, but this time revolutionized. They created a new proprietary air-filled cage, tucked inside the upper, that allows the runner to adjust the shoe, hugging every curve of the foot.


Thus, Reebok has also launched a new innovative packaging having the ability to adapt to its content. In collaboration with Pimpam Studio, design studio from Valencia, Spain, they developed a packaging consisting of an air tube that blows up fitting the shoe in the same way that Pump technology works.


The packaging is made of an acrylic box that shows one of the shoes made of plastic, methacrylate and paper. The interior also includes information about campaign, technology and shoes. The packaging is composed of two layers; when the outside layer swells, the inside layer fits the shoe. To extract the content, you only have to deflate the packaging through the mounthpiece and open the bag. The blowing bag was also sent to journalists and influencers.



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