Customized Paper:

Paper represents an important tool for brand identity. Using tailor-made colors, textures, finishing techniques (such as embossing and debossing) and tactile feel you can give your unique brand the recognition it needs, and communicate brand personality.

At Swedbrand we possess extensive knowledge about paper production, and together with our partner in Sweden we develop special premium paper, with customized thicknesses, fiber chemical compositions, colors, physical characteristics and qualities, based on customers’ requirements, to the highest quality and most competitive prices.

Founded in 1693, our paper mill in Sweden is one of the oldest paper producers in the world, certified by FSC and PEFC to assure that the traceability of wood used during the production does not originate from socalled
‘controversial sources’ and to promote sustainable forest management.

Our paper is the most climate friendly paper in the world. It is produced by 100% biomass fuels from local forests and no fossil fuels, such as oil or gas, are used.