Dr Temt

Dr. Temt Combinal Cosmetics Packaging

The Challenge

Dr. Temt is a cosmetic company based in Austria whose products are available in leading clinics, spas and cosmetic centers in more than 70 countries worldwide.

We first met with the Dr. Temt team during one of our business trips to Austria when we had the chance to introduce them to our packaging world, showing them our best products and collaborations.

At that time Dr. Temt was about to launch its new cosmetic line and thus looking for inspirations in terms of materials and colours. Some specific requirements had to be met, though: finding the perfect jar and matching the perfect colour.

What was more, they needed the product to be ready by the beginning of September for its launch at fairs in Austria and Sweden.

Dr Temt
The Process

In order to help the Dr. Temt team develop their vision, we showed them our cosmetic catalogue in an attempt to provide them with all the different packaging options we could offer.

They immediately liked our approach and decided to collaborate with us on their project.We managed to find the ideal jar shape and to match the unique colour they were looking for – an exclusive metallic purple that perfectly suited the idea they wanted to transmit: a sophisticated yet accessible product. In other words, a product that speaks for itself.

In order to arrive in Europe in time for the September fairs, we decided to send a few jars by air before shipping the remaining items of the order.

Dr Temt
The Result

This project has turned into an extremely interesting collaboration and we are proud to say that it has been absolutely satisfying for both parties.

Dr. Temt launched the new cosmetic line at the beginning of September and so far the feedback has been very positive. People are really enthusiastic about it!

We are looking forward to further assisting the Dr. Temt team with their products and helping them enhancing their international presence through sophisticated and unique packaging solutions.

Dr Temt

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