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Yoomi Baby Product Packaging
Swedbrand’s and Yoomi’s collaboration started in March 2016, when we began helping them with the development of their oval-shaped rigid boxes. One of the challenges we faced was the rather uncommon oval shape of the box, requiring skillful labor, with a short timeframe in relation... Read the post
The Chocolate Line
The Chocolate Line Chocolate Packaging
Swedbrand has been collaborating with The Chocolate Line since 2012, when Dominique Persoone understood the importance of packaging as a competitive advantage for his product. He got in touch with us to create a new range of packaging that represents his revolutionary and... Read the post
SCA Incontinence Care Packaging
Swedbrand helped SCA improve sales and exposure of their Tena products in China by identifying the purchase behavior and product requirements of their target group and developing packaging and POS materials. The Process It was identified that the target group wanted simple and... Read the post
Santa Rita
Santa Rita 120 Wine Gift Packaging
A bottle of wine is a classic hostess gift. In fact, 60% of wine packages are bought as gifts. One of Chile’s largest wine groups, Santa Rita had this in mind when they contacted us to collaborate on thier gift packaging.Together with their... Read the post
Maelu Chocolate & Dessert Packaging
It is universally known that however full you are, there’s always room for dessert. The appealing colors and creative decorations of creamy pastries and fruit cakes are definitely hard to resist, even after a big meal. Because of their incredible popularity, competition is very... Read the post
Live It
Live It Experience Packaging
Their initial idea was to use printed-paper with soft touch lamination. Since they wanted their box to look beautiful but also feel nice, we introduced them to soft touch paper. We provided them with samples of both types of boxes so that they... Read the post
Hans Boodt
Hans Boodt Mannequin Packaging
How to build a man We are always faced with various challenges at Swedbrand. But it is safe to say that we are not often challenged with the packaging of body parts – or rather, how to pack the parts of a mannequin.... Read the post
Gondo Gifts Experience Packaging
Swedbrand has been collaborating with Gondo Gifts since May 2016, when we first met them during one of our business trips in Sweden. They already had an idea in mind for their packaging, but we helped them with some improvements they had envisioned. They were looking for... Read the post
Dr Temt
Dr. Temt Combinal Cosmetics Packaging
Dr. Temt is a cosmetic company based in Austria whose products are available in leading clinics, spas and cosmetic centers in more than 70 countries worldwide. We first met with the Dr. Temt team during one of our business trips to Austria when... Read the post
Doro Liberto® 820 Smartphone Packaging
Once you’ve bought your new phone, you just want to get it in your hands. Only one thing keeps you from it – the box. This shouldn’t be much of a barrier; yet sometimes it really is. Instead of getting more excited about... Read the post
Dolores Promesas
Dolores Promesas Fashion Retail Packaging
Swedbrand started working together with Dolores Promesas in 2015, when we offered them our help and service. They were producing three different Hand Made Paper Bags, but the smallest one didn’t live up to their expectations. Since they sell all different types of... Read the post
Beech’s Chocolate Packaging
Swedbrand has been collaborating with Beech’s since the mid 2016 to help them fulfil their vision of having their products on the shelf of additional large retailers. From our first meeting in Preston, we identified that the make-up of our production partners and... Read the post

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