We make premium
rigid boxes in Europe

Our newest factory Swedbrand Poland has fully automated state-of-the-art box technology, and is perfectly located in the heart of Europe.
Swedbrand Poland

Our central European location in Gdańsk, Poland means we can revolutionise your supply chain, and dramatically reduce shipping time and costs compared to manufacturing in Asia.

Premium Packaging

Swedbrand Poland applies automated state-of-the-art box technology to make premium rigid boxes, as well as other premium packaging items such as bags and confectionery.

A greener choice

The eco operation

The factory has no industrial water consumption and is heated with more efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas. Plus, we use skylights to reduce the need for interior lighting.

Sustainable materials
Our paper and boards are sourced from European mills and are mostly created from recycled content as well as manufactured from wood and pulp. In additon we use more environmentally friendly non-animal glues.
Lower CO2 emissions

Being located in the center of Europe means less travel distance for each delivery. This allows us to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions in comparison to manufacturing in Asia.

Swedbrand Poland
Swedbrand Poland
Swedbrand Poland
Swedbrand Poland

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