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Auchan – School, Christmas & Toy Packaging
We believe that the big projects bring the real challenges – something we truly experienced when Auchan asked for our help. Auchan is the 10th largest food retailer in the world, so we knew that a project handed by Auchan would bring some... Read the post
15 Creative perfume Bottle Designs
As for a multitude of products, for perfume and cologne, the consumer tends to pay more for the design and marketing of the bottle and the sort of “story” of the fragrance, than for the actual scented alcohol solution itself. Therefore, we tend to truly... Read the post
15 Creative Jewelry Packaging Designs
The way you package your merchandise is a reflection of the quality and value of your product. When it comes to jewelry; design and quality are crucial, so jewelry packaging is no different. Customers pick out the perfect item for their loved ones and they... Read the post
10 Eco-friendly Luxury Packaging Designs
Nowadays consumers are becoming more and more environmentally aware and are seeking out more sustainable lifestyle choices. Packaging manufacturers are responding by ensuring their materials and processes are as eco-friendly as possible. But how about luxury packaging trends? There is increasing public and industry pressure... Read the post
15 Delicious Cookie Packaging Designs
What’s the secret behind baked goods, besides being oh-so delicious? It’s very simple: pretty presentation. Food gifts are always a favorite, and a beautiful packaging makes them fun and even more yummy. You don’t have to be a master baker to invent a thoughtful food gift. If the packaging is creative, who… Read the post
100 Years of Oreo Packaging
As we all know, packaging is what makes a brand stand out on the shelf, and for the consumer it represents what is most recognizable about a product. For a newly established brand, a big change can make you lose recognition among your consumers. But for a well established company,… Read the post
Tea packaging
The Most Creative Tea Packaging Designs
Tea and coffee are probably two of the most common drinks in the world. Tea originated in Southeast China, where at the beginning it was used as a medicine to cure different diseases. After the Tang Dynasty in China the popularity of tea spread like wildfire. But it’s not only… Read the post
Is Plantable Packaging the Answer to Zero-Waste Question?
Packaging waste question started raising few years ago aiming to eliminate packaging in order to stop the millions of tonnes of packaging waste going to landfill or making its way into our rivers and oceans. The answer for the problem was found soon by developing new compostable materials for packaging. Read the post
Packaging symbols
Packaging symbols explained
This month Swedbrand prepared an infographics with some of the most important symbols often seen on packaging. Nowadays numerous labels appear on lots of everyday items, therefore understanding these packaging symbols is crucial for a consumer. Each symbol has a specific meaning; usually they are simple and easy to understand. Read the post

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